About Us

We are a licensed deposit-taking Sacco providing the best financial services to our members.
About Us

Who We Are

Times U DT Sacco, is a deposit taking Sacco licensed under the societies Act. It was registered in 1993 as a rural-based Sacco. In 2009, Uruku Rural Society rebranded to Times U Sacco Limited to encourage and open boundaries to other members who aren’t from the Uruku locality.

Our clientele was and is anybody who is engaged in whichever income generating activity ranging from farming MSME (i.e. business enterprises), quarry, mama mboga, the boda boda and registered self-help group and along the way we have attracted employees of both the private and public sector.

Our brand is to be Timely Financier! to our membership, you are financed, when you actually need the financing.

Times U DT Sacco

Our Core Focus

Our Mission

To socioeconomically transform
the lives of our members via
affordable, quality, competitive
and market-driven financial

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of transformational, quality and
competitive market-driven
financial solutions to

Our Core Values

T - Teamwork
E - Equity
P - Professionalism
I - Integrity
C - Creativity & Innovation

Make the right decision today and join us to start saving!

Message from our CEO

Why Times U DT Sacco?

The difference between success and failure in business can be attributed to how soon your credit or financial needs are addressed. Every opportunity in business depends on how smart and fast you are able to grab it.At Times U DT Sacco we are able to address your financial needs at the time of your need and offer financial advise for wise investments. We ensure our members are able to grab the opportunities as they come. We are committed to walk as per our slogan "Your Timely Financier"We have a qualified human resource through whom we ensure we deliver what we promise to our members. We believe we are growing stronger every day and as we grow, our members also grow. Our endeavour is to Socio-Economically transform the lives of our Members through the provision of affordable, quality, competitive and market-driven financial solutions.Times U DT Sacco being a community based Sacco from inception would like to remember where we came from, as we remain focused to where we are going even as we continue doing ordinary things in extra-ordinary ways.

Catherine Mwamba

Chief Executive Officer

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