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Apply for your Sacco link VISA Card Today!!

Ensure you have applied for our VISA branded Sacco Card? If not visit our offices and fill an application form. With our Visa Cads, you can access your FOSA account funds anywhere across the globe. You can do shopping in all the major supermarkets without the need to carry cash. You will experience flexibility while anywhere across the country or abroad. You can pay your bills using the integrated M-Banking facility that integrates your MPESA account and your Visa Card. Try it today!!

Deposit Money to your FOSA account and Pay Shares using M-Pesa

You can now comfortably pay for your monthly contributions, loans and make direct deposits to your account (Both Savings and Shares) using Mtimes Mobile banking  Services. You need to be a registered M-pesa Operator for you to be able to withdraw your cash using this facility.

Depositing Option
Step 1: Load Cash to your M-pesa account, 
Step 2: Go to M-pesa menu on your phone,
Step 3: Select PAYBILL OPTION from the list of available options,
Step 4: Enter Business Number as 542400,
Step 5: Enter Your National Id  Number if paying for shares

making a deposit to your account, enter your National ID Number followed by Letter S
Step 6: Enter the amount you wish to send, confirm the details are ok and send the payments.

Withdrawing option

Step 1: Dial *882#, screen showing (welcome to M-TIMES enter your PIN No.  To proceed)
step 2: Enter your PIN No.

Step 3: Screen showing the options below:

Options 1. Balance Enquiry

Option 2: Cash Withdrawal

Option 3. Payments and Deposit

Option 4. Loans

Option 5. My Account

Option 6. Funds Transfer

Option 7. Utilities

Option 000. Exit

Select your option and press reply

step 3: select account to withdrawal option will appear, select your account,
step 4: Enter the amount you wish to withdrawal and press ok

                 the cash will be transferred to your MPESA account

Or download our mobile App from play store and get all the services.


Present your national id and get all the services including:

1. Withdrawals

2. Deposits

3. Loan repayments

4. Shares contribution

5. Transfer of funds to another account. 

You must learn to save first and spend afterwards.

John Poole